Website Maintenance

site care is imperative

Just like a car needs regular upkeep and maintenance, any WordPress website needs routine care to perform at
its best. Keeping your website installation, themes, and plugins up-to-date is imperative – many of the WordPress updates are security fixes to prevent hackers from exploiting any potential

Because WordPress websites are so common, the software is continually targeted by hackers. As soon as WordPress developers become aware of vulnerabilities, they work to create patches for them, which leads to regular updates to keep your site clean and safe. If the software is not kept current, the website is at risk to have all content and work lost.

Let us worry about your website/online store care and maintenance, so you can focus on your ministry, business, or blog! Choose one of the available monthly maintenance plans below, and leave the rest to us!


our website maintenance Packages include:

  • Manages the website, hosting & domain(s)
  • Updates/edits the website with any new content etc.
  • Removes old content
  • Updates software & plug-ins (as needed)